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Extras teaser: Insensitive

Extras teaser: Insensitive

Bank of America Extras: Video


There's more to see from this body of work. Contact me for details.

Bank of America Extras: Text

Bank of America Extras

With Bank of America Extras, baseball fans with a Bank of America checking account get access to exclusive MLB rewards like unique merch and discounts from the MLB store when their favorite team goes into extras.

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Player-inspired t-shirts

To provide Bank of America customers with a special incentive, we partnered with MLB players to design exclusive player-inspired t-shirts. These shirts can only be purchased by Bank of America card-holders during the MLB season.

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Bank of America Extras: Pro Gallery

Art Director: Matthew Adamiak
Copywriters: Nihal Atanawe, Christopher Santo

Creative Directors: Pete Shamon; Sara Goldsmith
Director: Benjamin Gibson

Bank of America Extras: Text
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